Miki decides to go on a business trip for the purpose of entertainment in order to succeed in business negotiations with business partners. The person who accompanies her is her boss, who has a dislike for her. Even though she is sexually harassed by her business partners, she has to drink a lot of mild alcohol to avoid spoiling the atmosphere. Her drunken Miki is woken up in a hotel bed by her disgusting boss fingering her. Mitsuki gradually becomes at the mercy of her as she is given pleasure in the shared room with no escape. Her finger fuck hits her G spot accurately, and the sexual intercourse lasts all night. “Even though I don’t like it…I’m going to cum again.” Miki, who has fallen into the unfaithful intercourse, actively advances his dick deep into her vagina.

Mitsuki Momota At a hotel on a business trip, I was forced to share a room with a sexually harassing boss who hated me…The unparalleled sexual intercourse and fingering was too intense, so I was demoted.

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