Rena, who came to the countryside to earn university credits, is bored and spends her days masturbating. Rena, who has become more horny, whispers closely to her rural uncle and seduces him with an erection! “Hey uncle… stick your tongue out more…” We entwined our tongues while sweating and had close kissing sex! Not satisfied with saliva exchange deep kiss cowgirl position, sticky Lero Chupa kiss hand job, no matter how many times I ejaculate, I won’t let go of my tongue! “Rororero…” “Juru…” “Jubbobo…!” The pleasure of being a slut in the tongue position while hugging her! The obscene sound of water echoes in the suffocating heat…!

Rena Miyashita

Sapporo Taro

In a boring country town, I’m killing time by inviting an old man from my neighborhood to get an erection with drooling tongue kisses, and making him ejaculate over and over again in a sweaty close-up tongue position…


[MIDV700 / MIDV-700 / MIDV 700]