新任の月雲先生がオタク教師とまさかの相部屋 絶倫デカチンに堕ちていく様を目の前で見せつけられたボクは鬱勃起 激ピス狂いNTR

Tsukigumo becomes a teacher and goes on an overnight learning trip with her students for the first time. Before she goes to bed, when she returns from her bath, for some reason, the nerdy physics teacher Uemura is in her room. She can no longer run away from Uemura, who has always seen Tsukigumo as a woman. Tsukigumo resists, but she ends up having sex with him without her consent. However, although she was reluctant to do this, Tsukigumo gradually came to orgasm due to Uemura’s big dick and exquisite piston. Even after she returns to her daily life, Uemura persistently presses her to do something.It’s disgusting… but she can’t forget her body… Tsukigumo is drowning in Ueda’s friction techniques…

From the moon clouds

Bungo Maeda

The newly appointed teacher Tsukigumo unexpectedly shares a room with an otaku teacher, and I was shown in front of my eyes how he fell into an unparalleled big dick, and I got a depressed erection. I’m an extreme piss-crazy NTR.


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