新人 小麦肌の健やかGカップおひさま神BODY 21歳 七海那美 AV Debut

A beautiful girl found in a tropical country makes her AV debut! G-cup beautiful breasts with wheat-colored skin. She is a 21-year-old with a well-proportioned super body who has been swimming for 18 years. A healthy, beautiful girl who looks like she could be on the cover of a youth magazine has mustered up the courage to appear in an AV. Sparkling eyes and a friendly, charming smile. Her heavy natural breasts sway with every piston. Nami Nanami, whose “Ohisamagami BODY” is as dazzling as the sun, will be exclusive to MOODYZ! Please call me Nanami-chan!

Nanami Nami

Mametaro Mamezawa

Newcomer Healthy G cup Ohisama body with wheat skin 21 years old Nami Nanami AV Debut

南国で見つけた原石美少女AVデビュー!小麦色の肌にたわわに実ったGカップ美乳。水泳歴18年の均整のとれたスーパーBODYの21歳。青年誌の表紙を飾りそうな健康的美少女が、勇気を出してAV出演を決めました。キラキラの瞳に、親しみやすい愛嬌のある笑顔。ピストンするたびにぶるんぶるん揺れる重量感のある天然おっぱい。太陽のように眩しい “おひさま神BODY”の七海那美、MOODYZ専属決定!なみなみちゃんって呼んでね!

[MIDV712 / MIDV-712 / MIDV 712]