My childhood friend “Arina” who I met again after a long time… has suddenly changed into a bimbo slut gal! I’m confused by the flashy hair color and the amount of exposure! I couldn’t help but secretly film her in the bathroom and watch her masturbate, but I was found not guilty of sex! Arina has a strong sexual desire and has a crazy life where she is ejaculated for 3 days and has a lot of orgasms! While in a mixed bath, she thrusts from behind, hides behind her mother and gives a handjob, straddles her beautiful legs in the pile driving cowgirl position, and has sex while her parents aren’t around! She’s cute and erotic, and no matter how many times she cums, she comes back right away! The best memory of having 12 sperms taken away in just 3 days…!

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dragon nishikawa

I remember meeting my childhood friend who has grown up to be a famous slut in her hometown and having her cum 12 times in 3 days and 3 nights.


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