[The worse it is, the better it feels][Immoral SEX between student and homeroom teacher]I, the homeroom teacher, was confessed to by the cutest Yoru in school. I have a wife too…as a teacher, I have to stop… I succumbed to the temptation of the lewd Yoru pressing her G-cup breasts and whispering to me. Reason melts away as the blow job gradually gets better. “Teacher…please let me cum inside you today.” “I’ll give you shite if it feels better than your wife…” Even though I know it’s not good. Yoru’s cowgirl sex with her tongue entwined and her hips shaking felt so good… sorry….[Finally 1 year since debut! more! more! Thank you for your continued support of Yoruru-chan, who is growing erotically! ]

From the moon clouds

Sapporo Taro

As a homeroom teacher, I succumbed to the temptation of my student and ended up having sex over and over again at a love hotel after school…


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