Yui moves to Tokyo from the countryside and heads to her first club drinking party with excitement. Yui, who is extremely cute, immediately becomes the target of her seniors, who force her to drink alcohol, then go to her bar to suck a dirty cock and force her to have sex with him. The video of their foursome at the bar has gone viral, and Yui is fucked one after another, and her semen flows backwards and overflows from her pussy… Even at the after-party, he didn’t show any mercy and gave a huge facial cumshot to Yui’s cute and well-groomed face. Her seniors get her face and pussy dirty… The baptism of the circle 〇 circle by greedy men will not end until morning…

Yui Mihama The day the college drinking party that a new and active female college student attended for the first time turned into a bukkake creampie circle.

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