両親が旅行で不在中に幼馴染がやってきて「初めて彼氏ができたんだけど一回だけセックスの練習してくれない?」と コンドーム一個持ってきてお願いされた。一回だけと言ってたハズがチ○ポの快感に目覚めすぎてゴム無しで三日三晩中出しセックスしまくった

“Let me practice sex,” my childhood friend Rikka, a manly and strong-willed boy, unexpectedly asks, carrying only one condom. Windfall situation. However, Rikka’s body is more lewd than I expected, and her pussy feels so good… Rikka also became addicted to sex. For three days without her parents, I fucked her raw in my room, in the hallway, in the bath…whether she was asleep or awake. There’s no more rubber. All creampie. No matter how many cums I ejaculate, Rikka lets me have sex with a smile. I couldn’t help but get aroused by the excited face of someone I had thought of as a male friend for a long time. “My boyfriend…I don’t care anymore…” Rikka…I love her…

Rikka Ono

dragon nishikawa

While my parents were away on a trip, my childhood friend came over and asked, “I just got a boyfriend for the first time, can we practice sex just once?” and asked him to bring a condom.She said she would only do it once, but she was so excited by the pleasure of the dick that she had creampie sex for three days and three nights without a rubber band.


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