銀座クラブ八木さんの沼堕ち不倫LOVE接客 僕は妻を忘れて心もチ◯ポも八木さんに快楽支配されることを選んだ…

I don’t care about anyone other than Yagi-san. I’m drowning in Yagi-san’s temptation… Even though I knew it was for business, the way Mr. Yagi looked at me, the lewd touch of his body as he ran his fingers through it, the sweet whispers in my ear… it made my brain melt and my common sense and reason went out of whack. He forgot that he had a wife and chose to have both his heart and dick controlled by Mr. Yagi for pleasure. Pile-driving cowgirl position that uses her bewitching hips to squeeze out the milk. Blowjob and ejaculation while staring intently. Immoral sex at home without my wife. A deep kissing intercourse that only Mr. Yagi can think about. “I’m fine with being the second woman…” I’m not going home anymore.

Nana Yagi

trendy yamaguchi

Ginza Club Mr. Yagi’s swamp-fallen affair LOVE customer service I forgot my wife and chose to have my heart and dick controlled by Mr. Yagi for pleasure…


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