“Cheating doesn’t count if it’s only for 3 seconds!” My tsundere childhood friend, Mia, who became jealous of me as soon as I got a girlfriend, suddenly approaches me with a mysterious rule! “She’s a virgin, right? If she doesn’t practice kissing and sex, she’ll feel bad!” Mia, who claims to be a very experienced girlfriend, has sex with her every day, and the short 3 seconds of sex that doesn’t amount to cheating quickly escalates! At first, I really thought it was just practice, but our compatibility was better than I expected… “If you follow the rules, it won’t be cheating,” I desperately told myself, and I wanted Miato to have sex with me for 3 seconds… as well. It happened! The two climax over and over again while counting, and their bodies overlap deeply as they make out. Even though it was _____, 3 seconds was really that long! ?

Mia Nanasawa


As soon as she is ready, you can insert it for only 3 seconds! The short time sex with my girlfriend’s childhood friend who seduced me was so good that she was made to ejaculate over and over again…


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