I never thought it would be me… Honami thought she could easily fight off the Chikan man, but she ended up becoming the target of one on the train on her way to school. The only sound that comes out as she squeezes out is a gasp mixed with sighs…I never expected that Han’s fingers creeping up on her without a sound would feel this good… Honami is made to cum over and over again, and as the molester tells her, his love juices wet her underwear and run down her thighs, she falls into an impure relationship that she doesn’t know about yet.Today too, I got on the train waiting for that very striking fingering guy.

Honami Takahashi

Mametaro Mamezawa

The molester’s finger fuck was too much of a blow…I couldn’t even make a sound and my love juices overflowed to the point where I was pulling strings and I was destroyed.


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