Nakamura, who works at a certain hospital in Tokyo, sees his overly aggressive nursing style as a problem and is given guidance by the director. However, she overwhelms the director with her unwavering sense of mission and responsibility. “I will use my skills to make this hospital better and respond to the needs of patients in need…” Nurse Nakamura, who has both beauty and eroticism, seduces me in front of me, and my feelings and dick are energetic. She is masturbated from the perspective of the patient who is becoming a nuisance, and from the perspective of the cleaning staff who is slacking off from work, and is seduced from the perspective of the director and has subjective sex without rubber. A close-up, subjective story of a nurse in which you are seduced by Nurse Nakamura in various positions and have sex with her. Now, are you ready to have your dick fucked by a beautiful nurse until it’s empty of sperm?

Miu Nakamura

Zack Arai

Absolutely subjective!Dirty talk, handjob, seduction nurse, 20 ejaculations, slut nursing that makes you want to see and palpate the patient with a big dick


[MIDV795 / MIDV-795 / MIDV 795]