Active female college student gravure idol, Rin Tonohana makes her AV debut! Gravure activities that she was unable to do because she was busy with schoolwork… Her naivety that cannot be absorbed by the entertainment world is the cutest! I would like to take the plunge and do work that everyone can see…! And now she has made her AV debut as a MOODYZ exclusive actress…! ! It was said that it was difficult to shoot gravure swimsuits because many of them are risqué…The reason is that “the hair on my vagina is a little thicker than other people’s hair…(shame)” Isn’t it the best? There is a theory that girls with thick pubic hair have a strong sexual desire…This time they proved it once again! The first time she took off her clothes and felt the thrill of the force in her body, and the first time she had sex. Even though he said he had never had an orgasm before, the first actor’s cock was huge and felt so good that he twitched over and over again…! Furthermore, there are many highlights such as the first facial cum shot and the first sex, but above all, the battle with the great actor Takashi Yoshimura is spectacular…! From a 20-year-old Hanasu-chan’s point of view, she said, “I’ve considered myself an old man since I was 35…” but when Taku Yoshimura, a 53-year-old representative of all office workers, appears, her face freezes…! She tries her best to say that she loves the old man, but her honest reaction shows on her face. Even so, when the sex starts, she melts in pleasure from the pleasure of the old man’s dick and man’s cock, and ends up cumming over and over again! Hanasu-chan loses in the pleasure and actively shakes her hips even in cowgirl position, and even Kaiyu’s cock ends up…! It’s a masterpiece scene of a girl who is easily swayed by pleasure, just like watching “The Pleasure Fall of an Investigator.” Her erogenous zone is her nipples (it’s said that just the nipples make her cum…!), and her special skill is tickling. She has the cuteness of a small animal, but she also has a lot of erotic talent and enjoys torturing men! Please continue to support Touno Karin, a promising rookie who can’t help but feel that she has a lot of room for sex! !

Tonohana Suzu

Michiru Arashiyama

Active female college student gravure idol Rin Tonohana will appear in AV! Newcomer! Moody’s exclusive debut


[MIDV797 / MIDV-797 / MIDV 797]