超頭脳派捜査官ナナ 催淫ガス研究所潜入捜査編

Nana is a genius investigator selected for a special mission against powerful drugs. Her current mission is to infiltrate a hideout where outrageous experiments are secretly carried out. However, due to her clever trap and the betrayal of her companions, she is forced to inhale a powerful aphrodisiac gas. When she wakes up… her body has been restrained by a guillotine restraint device specially prepared for Nana. Although she is excellent in physical techniques, she does not flinch when using a woman’s body, and is subjected to forceful orgasms one after another from the out-of-control subjects! Nana’s resistance based on her pride and spirit is in vain, and her body is polluted with a large amount of semen contaminated with aphrodisiac gas. Every time I breathe in her miasma, her consciousness fades, and I am defeated many times by her hated betrayal dick! Fall into hell of a sex gangbang in an enemy’s nest with no help!

Nana Yagi Super intelligent investigator Nana Aphrodisiac gas research institute undercover investigation edition

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