いつも強気で男勝りなガテン系女上司の汗ばむ無防備おっぱいとふいに見せる寂しげな素顔に発情した僕は、欲望むき出し暴走ピストン 貪るようにハメ狂い中出ししまくって…

《The genius of eroticism, Jo Asagiri! × Exclusive Nozomi Ishihara is the strongest tag team for the first time in 4 years! 》A strong and manly hope. She works at her husband’s father’s construction shop. Yuu, a dull man with glasses, enters the desired workplace. Her husband’s complaints, the feeling of being uneasy…the two of them, who were never supposed to be together, easily crossed the line. They look at each other like lovers, kiss each other, and get absorbed in their bodies and minds every time they thrust into each other… I was so satisfied that I was ejaculated… The female’s face was irresistibly endearing, something you wouldn’t expect from a formal and well-mannered person. I wish this time could last forever… “I’m leaving this town…”

Nozomi Ishihara

Asagiri Jo

I got excited when I saw the sweaty, defenseless breasts and lonely face of my boss, who is always strong and superior to men, and I started to cum inside her as if I was greedy and wanted to fuck her…


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