新人アオハル美少女 日本中の男子が彼女に恋する。

Straight to youth! An orthodox beautiful girl who was popular with everyone in her class when she was a student, was kind to otaku boys, and was definitely the most fun girl to date has made her AV debut! She has a cheerful personality and doesn’t put up walls for anyone. Although she seems to be popular, she is actually single-minded. Apparently, he had an unrequited crush on the same person for 9 years in elementary and junior high school (I confessed to him when he was in 3rd year of junior high school, but he ended up dumping me), so he doesn’t have a lot of experience (lol) Saka ● Until the final audition for the group. The remaining girl, who has idol-level looks and potential, appears in an AV and exposes sex in public… This is the first step for MOODYZ exclusive Nijimu aka Yumi Nijimura, a promising newcomer with plenty of room for growth. I usually run a crepe shop in Hokkaido (I work so hard that I get burns on my arms lol)

Yumi Nijimura

Mametaro Mamezawa

New Aoharu beautiful girl. Boys all over Japan fall in love with her.


[MIDV862 / MIDV-862 / MIDV 862]