新人19歳無邪気なその笑顔は地元の一番星 無敵のスマイルと名付けられた純情美少女本物ジモドル(地元アイドル)AVデビュー

A real idol who was locally famous for her catchphrase “Invincible ●●-chan Smile” has entered the world of Niconico AV! “The bullying within the group was tough…but all the fans were so kind to me that I kept going!” After graduating, she reportedly had sex with TO (Top Otaku) as a thank you! ? Moe-chan, who is so kind and loves sex, has her breasts, pussy, naked, and sex exposed! The debut work of the invincible Moe, whose shy appearance is cute!

Moeka Momoyama


A 19-year-old newcomer whose innocent smile is the local star.A pure-hearted beautiful girl named Invincible Smile.A real Jimodore (local idol) AV debut.


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