新人 ちょうどいい美人 老舗有名ホテルの日本料亭で働く着物の似合う正社員お姉さん AVDEBUT!!

An older sister who works as a full-time employee at a Japanese restaurant in a long-established hotel in Nihonbashi makes her AV debut on her day off from work! ! She says she usually wears a kimono to work. It’s her first sex shoot, and I can’t help but stare at her cock. Even at the moment of insertion, she looks like she’s really comfortable, and while she’s elegant, she’s also the most erotic girl. However, she is not an arrogant person, but is just the right kind of beauty who smiles and smiles when she sees a cock. Please experience the mysterious charm that makes men go crazy!

Rima Kamishiro

Michiru Arashiyama

Newcomer, just the right beauty, a full-time employee who works at a Japanese restaurant in a well-established famous hotel and looks good in a kimono AVDEBUT!!


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