新人 エッチな青春がしたいッ!全国野球大会出場経験有り!関東圏内の“可愛い女子マネ”と掲示板でスレが立った 爽やか笑顔の直球美少女 AVDEBUT!!

A refreshing beautiful girl who was a manager of a prestigious baseball team who participated in the national baseball tournament when she was a student makes her AV debut! She is a cute girl with a smiling face and even had a thread posted on a certain bulletin board calling her a “cute female imitator.” When I put on the uniform from back then and take it off, I see that although she is petite, her beautiful breasts are stuck together! After retiring from the baseball club where romance was prohibited, this beautiful girl who loves sex has even had threesome with the catcher and the second player. Three lively and fun performances! !

Mei Mizuki

Mametaro Mamezawa

Newcomer I want to have a naughty youth! Experienced in participating in the national baseball tournament! A beautiful girl with a refreshing smile who started a thread on the bulletin board as a “cute female manager” in the Kanto area AVDEBUT!!


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