新人21歳 他校でも噂になった学校一の優等生は経験人数500人! エロ頭イイ元生徒会長AVデビュー

When she was a student, she was rumored to be a refreshingly beautiful student council president who was even approached by students from other schools.She had 500 experiences! ! When she smiles, she looks happy and looks like a puppy, and says that she likes sex when he looks her in the eyes. She likes the look on a man’s face and wants to keep flirting with him! The debut work of a college girl who loves both men and sex, whose goal is to capture the attention of more than 5 people a day! I was in my youth when I wanted to have sex with this kind of student council president (crying)

Mirai Horinaka

Mametaro Mamezawa

A 21-year-old newcomer who was rumored to be the best student in the school at other schools has 500 experienced students! Erotic former student council president makes her AV debut


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