新人19歳 半分、青い少女。大人になりたいショートカットAVDEBUT

Newcomer 19 years old. Discover a very pure amateur full of gemstone feeling! Kazuna grew up in a household with one male brother and one female. She had been forced to do judo for a long time, but she wanted to be more of a girl, so she joined a brass band, started wearing cute clothes, started cooking… A girl with childish features who said she wanted to become an adult woman as soon as possible. Naked in front of the camera! Shake your big E cup breasts and have sex! A summer adventure of a young girl who comes to Tokyo from the countryside and is only half-blue.

Kazuna Yuuki


A newcomer, 19 years old, half-blue girl. Shortcut AVDEBUT to become an adult


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