新人 オトナになんてなりたくないけどおっぱいがGカップに急成長!! 顔は美少女、カラダは大人AVDEBUT

She still has an innocent face, but her boobs are big G-cups! A beautiful girl who doesn’t want to become an adult yet, but whose body is growing more and more erotic, makes her AV debut! She’s a very friendly girl who smiles and talks about anything. There are also stories of failures where she got into a naughty mood as soon as she drank alcohol and ended up being too turbulent… Whether it’s in the missionary position, cowgirl position, or doggy style, we’ve discovered a beautiful girl whose young boobs are the best and have the best expectations! !

Misuzu Mifune


Newcomer: I don’t want to become an adult, but my boobs are rapidly growing to G-cups! ! The face of a beautiful girl, the body of an adult AVDEBUT


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