新人20歳 某有名私立大に通う英語堪能な高学歴帰国子女は現役女子大生、時々、塾講師AVdebut

A female college student works part-time as a cram school instructor teaching English to middle and high school students. A returnee who lived in America until 4th grade and is fluent in English and aims to become a translator in the future makes her AV debut! Her slender body has a very slim waist! When she took off her clothes and showed me her naked body, the line from her waist to her buttocks was amazing! A masterpiece with a curve that makes you want to touch it! It seems that the actor’s cock felt good, and when she felt it, she thrust her ass up and turned her back and twitched! Discovering a slender girl with outstanding sensitivity!

Mizuki Karin


A 20-year-old newcomer, a highly educated returnee who attends a famous private university and is fluent in English. She is currently a female college student and occasionally makes her AV debut as a cram school instructor.


[MIFD188 / MIFD-188 / MIFD 188]