新人 現役高身長美脚スレンダーボディーライフセーバーイクイクSEXがしたくてAVデビュー!!

A slender Okinawan islander with dark skin who works as a lifesaver makes her AV debut! Speed ​​is important when rescuing people at sea! 170cm slender body with toned beautiful legs trained through work! However, when she’s not in work mode, she seems to be quite delusional in her head… She looks at the crotch of a male customer at the beach and fantasizes about the shape of a penis, and she has a desire to have sex with the person she rescued right away. …It seems like she doesn’t usually have much stimulation, so she wants to appear in an AV and cum inside! She takes off her swimsuit and has sex completely naked!

Miki Tamaki

trendy yamaguchi

Newcomer, active tall, beautiful legs, slender body life saver, wants to have orgasmic sex and makes her AV debut! !


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