新人 脱・地味っ娘 物静かで素朴な経験人数1人の少女が奇跡の大激変! 綺麗にメイクして可愛い洋服を着てM男くんとドキドキ初体験デートAVデビュー!!

A girl who thought she lacked confidence, was plain and inconspicuous, changed after appearing in an AV – she was filmed with a camera in a bright room, completely naked, and had sex in public. A real reaction to having a cock inserted for the first time in a while. She has also experienced squirting from a man, and after changing into fashionable makeup and clothes, she goes on a date with a masochistic man, wanting to try blaming a man for the first time. A girl who has never flirted outside is shy but kisses, teases, and takes the lead – an exciting AV experience of an unpretentious girl.

Fuyuka Shirai

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A newcomer, an out-of-touch girl, a quiet and simple girl with only one person of experience undergoes a miraculous drastic change! With beautiful make-up and cute clothes, she makes an exciting first date AV debut with a masochistic man! !


[MIFD195 / MIFD-195 / MIFD 195]