新人 20歳 夢に真っ直ぐな女の子は可愛いッ! オシャレ&キュートな服飾専門学生 自分で作った洋服を着てAVdebut

First in the industry! Make your AV debut wearing clothes you made yourself! My dream is to become a designer! She was attending a fashion school and decided to appear in an AV because she wanted to save money and study abroad in France! Maina-chan seems to be very greedy for sex, saying, “I’ve had sex up to 10 times a day. Moreover, it is a masterpiece that is praised by actors…! A girl who is nervous about her first experience but works hard towards her dreams is really cute♪

Maina Shiki


Newcomer 20 years old A girl who is straight about her dreams is cute! Fashionable and cute fashion student makes her AV debut wearing clothes she made herself


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