新人 19歳 明日の原石。 自分の可愛さにまだ気づいていない!性格明るくて天真爛漫 でも、経験人数1人の原石AVDebut!!

Innocent! I have discovered yet another super cute female college student! She has a bright personality and is a life-sized girl who looks like she would have a really fun life if she were to have a girlfriend. She loves naughty things, but in reality, she only has one experience so she is still inexperienced. The girl who told me with a smile that she wants to experience various things in AV has a sensitive reaction and seriously cums! This amateur’s natural orgasm is so good! Pay attention to this beautiful girl who is looking forward to her future growth! !

Kahoku Asahi


Newcomer 19 years old Tomorrow’s raw stone. I haven’t realized how cute I am yet! Although she has a bright and innocent personality, she is a raw AV Debut with only one person with experience! !


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