Sakura Oozono, a 21-year-old virgin and female college student in the archery club, still looks young even though she wears mature clothes. A plain girl who has no experience in kissing is about to have sex for the first time with AV. Her big breasts, probably H-cup, were exposed under her archery uniform. I blushed nervously as I kissed her. Fellatio while checking the cock. The first time it’s inserted, it starts to feel painful, but then you gradually start to feel pleasure. A lewd but serious archery girl who fantasizes about sex and masturbates. A long-awaited first experience documentary.

Sakura Ozono


She has big breasts, is lewd, and masturbates, but all she does is study and do club activities, so I can’t imagine her having sex with 0 people yet.A plain and advanced female college student from the archery club takes off her virginity and appears in an AV.


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