運動オンチだけど、感度は敏感 SEXは上手になりたくて…AVデビュー 自分を変えたい。

I want to change myself! Although he is 173cm tall and is a former volleyball player, he is not good at exercise. It’s so cute to see him shy with the slightly awkward skip! “I’m a big fan of exercise, but I don’t want to be sex-deaf…” AV debut! When I took it off, I saw a slimmer waist and longer limbs than I imagined! Her personality is bright too! My body is sensitive and twitching! Aggressive blowjob and hip swing that enjoys pleasure are sexy! Until the longed-for 3P! Gap eroticism is good! The future of AV is outstanding! I discovered a rough stone!

Akane Iruma

Mametaro Mamezawa

I’m a big fan of exercise, but I’m sensitive and want to be good at sex…I want to make my AV debut and change myself.

自分を…変えたいっ!元バレー部173cmの高身長なのに運動はまさかの苦手。ちょっぴりぎこちないスキップで恥ずかしがる姿が可愛らしい!「運動オンチだけど、SEX音痴にはなりたくなくて…」AVデビュー!脱いでみると想像以上の細いくびれとスラっと長い手足!性格も明るい!身体は敏感ピクピク!積極的フェラと快感貪る腰振りがエッチ!憧れの3Pまで!ギャップエロが良きです! AVの将来性バツグン!原石発掘しちゃいました!

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