新人 20歳 地味だけどセックスに嘘が無い。白肌美少女AVデビュー

A slender college girl with beautiful skin whose shy smile makes you nervous. She doesn’t want to be famous or anything like that, she just wants to experience it…she’s just an ordinary girl who came to the AV world for some trivial reason. The reaction of sex is erotic and raw, which can’t be done with acting! Her white skin was flushed, she was twitching, and she started leaking without being able to control her moans… An ordinary female college student who was completely naked and exposed was a genuine SEX. It’s amazing to say the least!

Asuka Minamisaka


Newcomer, 20 years old, unassuming, but there’s nothing wrong with sex.White-skinned beautiful girl AV debut


[MIFD207 / MIFD-207 / MIFD 207]