新人 20歳の第一歩。今しかできないこと、始めてみたい。門限23時の現役女子大生 好奇心の暴走でAV debut

We have discovered yet another bright female college student with a very cute personality! I live in a girls’ dormitory and my curfew is 11pm. There are so many things I want to do in an AV, and I definitely want to have sex three times! A tight schedule debut! She likes fun things and loves sex, and she has a shy honeycomb smile! My first experience was with a Y●uT●ber, a bright beautiful girl who loves singing and belongs to the light music club at university, and I filmed her naked sex as long as time allowed!

Anna Shimizu


The first step of a 20-year-old rookie. I want to start something I can only do now. Active female college student at 11pm curfew – AV debut due to curiosity running wild


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