Impact of 100cm hips! A female college girl’s AV debut with a big butt and a huge curvature! An athlete who used to do track and field and is a genius at piling cowgirl position! Her hobby is running, and she says with great energy, “I was so excited that I came running!” However, when she has sex in public for the first time, her skin turns red and she climaxes with embarrassment. And when the tension is relieved, she cums in her favorite high-speed cowgirl position! Furthermore, the ultimate body with G cup breasts and super curvy body is escalating with back and 3P pinching! We have discovered an erotic talent!

Kuroki Ayumu


Shocking big butt of 100 cm! Carnivorous female college student athlete cowgirl genius AV debut


[MIFD211 / MIFD-211 / MIFD 211]