新人 面接即採用。即AVデビュー!美しすぎる現役美巨乳OL 仕事・男・お金に困っていないただセックスが好きで応募してきた素人娘。

We interviewed an amateur office lady who applied because she didn’t have any problems with work or money and just loved sex. Even though I didn’t say anything during the interview, I started masturbating without permission (lol), so I was hired immediately and made my AV debut on the same day! He has more erotic potential than you can imagine! It’s so erotic that both the staff and the actor forgot about work and got an erection! Her gaze, gestures, and voice are all lewd! Shake her beautiful big breasts and have serious sex! I may have discovered a dangerous amateur…!

Mizuki Hanyu

Mametaro Mamezawa

New employee interviewed and hired immediately. Immediate AV debut! An extremely beautiful active office lady with big breasts. She is an amateur girl who is not worried about work, men, or money. She just loves sex and applied.


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