新人 明るい ポジティブ 元気 ハッピー 甘えん坊なFカップ女子大生高級なおちんちんとSEXしたくてAVデビュー

A female college student who has high expectations for AV makes her debut! I came to the shooting site with a super, super, super positive attitude, wanting to have sex with something special like a high-end brand cow, rather than a cheap, mass-produced one. White skin and soft breasts. A5 rank marshmallow body! She likes old men, but she’s never had an affair, been on a date, or been a father (she’s a good girl!) She’s been penetrated by an AV actor’s high-class cock and is exhausted…I want to see more of this innocent and happy girl’s fun sex!

Namishima Honohana


Newcomer, Bright, Positive, Energetic, Happy, A spoiled F-cup college girl who wants to have sex with a high-class penis and makes her AV debut


[MIFD214 / MIFD-214 / MIFD 214]