新人20歳 帰宅部だけどセックスは大好きッ!笑顔で精子飲んじゃうショートカットごっくん美少女AVdebut

Haru-chan, a 20-year-old college girl, shyly admits that she’s not good at exercising…but she likes moving her body during sex. As the word says, I love H! She hasn’t had a boyfriend since she entered university, and she seems really happy to have sex for the first time in a while! So, I guess I got too excited… Even though I didn’t ask, I swallowed the sperm without permission! “I thought it was a waste,” she said as she sucked up all the semen that came out, looking delicious. This girl might have incredible erotic potential! ?

Haru Nishikawa

Rena Aoi

I’m a 20-year-old newcomer, I’m on the go-home club, but I love sex! Short-cut cum-swallowing beautiful girl AVdebut who drinks sperm with a smile


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