街中で目にする普通な子 でも、結構エロい…かも。 学校、職場、居酒屋、身近にいそうでアナタも知ってるかもしれない。もしかしたら… スケベ原石!?発掘 AV Debut★

An ordinary girl from the streets of Shibuya makes her AV debut! But it might be quite erotic… We have unearthed the raw material of lewd people who are close to you at school, work, and who you may have met! ! It’s not a fake, it’s a life-sized natural play that’s erotic! She has a good personality that looks her in the eye, actively licks her nipples, and licks her anus! 3 performances including exciting embarrassing first sex, sex like a slut, and orgasmic sex with a big dick!

Rina Kitaki

Michiru Arashiyama

Even an ordinary girl you see on the street might be quite erotic… At school, at work, at a bar, you might even know someone who seems to be around you. Maybe… lewd raw stone!? Excavation AV Debut★


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