新人 20歳 他高でも“可愛い”と噂になった都内N高校出身元野球部マネージャー“綺麗”になってAV Debut

When I was in high school, a student from another high school asked me who that cute manager was. The former baseball club manager girl who became a hot topic makes her AV debut! She has become even more beautiful with her adult sex appeal. While she is shy about her high school uniform, we have sex with her as she looks comfortable! Whether it’s her face giving a blowjob or her face showing sex, she’s both cute and beautiful at the same time. I wanted to have sex with a girl like this in my youth![Since she graduated from N High School in Tokyo and was famous in that area, the sample video is not made public to prevent her identity from being exposed.]

Mai Arisu


Newcomer, 20 years old, former baseball club manager from N High School in Tokyo, who was rumored to be “cute” even at other high schools, makes her AV debut after becoming “beautiful”


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