IQ140 インテリでボーイッシュなエロ頭良い帰国子女 スレンダー現役女子大生 AV デビュー

An intelligent woman with an IQ of 140 who is currently a college student but also works as a translator using her English skills, makes her AV debut with her breasts, anus, and pussy all exposed! She likes studying so much that it’s her hobby, but lately she’s gotten really into sex. She is a returnee who is open-minded about sex (she masturbates every day!), and she wants to be made to cum by an AV actor, so she volunteers to appear on the show. She has a small face, a beautiful curve, and a slender body that twists and cums lewdly! Discover a smart but erotic girl!

Mizutani pear tomorrow

Komatsu Seventeen

IQ140 Intelligent, boyish, erotic, smart returnee, slender active female college student AV debut


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