新人 20歳 ハワイ育ちの帰国子女 爽やか笑顔の褐色ガール AV DEBUT

My first experience was public sex on a beach in Hawaii as a junior high school student! ! A dark-skinned bright girl who is open and positive about sex makes her AV debut! Due to her parents’ work, she lived in Hawaii until junior high school, and is fluent in English. Her hobby is playing catch, she likes boyish clothes, and she has a sparkling innocent smile, and she loves having sex while being photographed! She shakes her bouncy boobs of just the right size and cums from her first sex! Lots of happy sex!

Serina Asahina


Newcomer, 20 years old, returnee who grew up in Hawaii, brown girl with a refreshing smile AV DEBUT


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