新人 現在、膣トレにドハマり中 サバゲ―、バレエ、ダンスetc…趣味活大好きお姉さん エッチを趣味にしたくてAV DEBUT!!

I’m an active nurse, but my hobby is survival games! She also likes ballet and dancing, and her next hobby is sex! So, AV debut! Recently, she seems to be addicted to vaginal training, and her vagina is in good condition. She is the type of serious girl who has prepared her pussy in perfect condition for the shoot, and is the type of person you want to explore thoroughly. It’s even more exciting than when you’re targeted by an enemy in a survival game! When a cock is inserted into her trained pussy for the first time… it’s so tight! (Actor talk)

Kasumi Fujimoto

Unicorn Fukuda

Newcomer Currently addicted to vaginal training – Survival games, ballet, dance, etc… An older sister who loves hobbies – AV DEBUT because she wants to make sex her hobby! !


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