新人! AVのSEXでイクなんて絶対ウソじゃん!だから、出演してみました 卓球一筋の人生を変えたいッ!

I want to change my life devoted to table tennis! Karin Shimizu AV debut! Karin says, “SEX in AV is all an act!” That’s why I want to do something that feels better than smashing! A debate between Iku vs. Acting with the actors! Nervous first sex! Old man encouragement SEX! Squirting 3P! A girl with pubic hair? ? Ko is H! Height 149cm! Table tennis girls who are dedicated to sports are lewd and erotic! Recommended!

Karin Shimizu

Michiru Arashiyama

Newcomer! It’s definitely a lie that you can orgasm through AV sex! That’s why I decided to appear on the show.I want to change my life, which is all about table tennis!


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