責められたい願望のある丸〇内勤務の高身長スレンダー受付嬢 即面接、即採用AVデビュー

A tall, slender beauty who works as a receptionist at a company in a circle makes her AV debut. She is a beautiful woman with a classy older sister vibe, but her sexual tendencies are on the perverted side. She had a desire to be blamed and was happy to have sex with her neck, but when she drinks alcohol, her perverted nature is released even more – she likes alcohol, but when she gets drunk quickly, she wants to have sex, and as she says, she becomes more and more naughty. Free your sexuality! ! A naughty older sister turns into an erotic older sister… The disheveled woman is erotic! !

Nanase Sinon

Mametaro Mamezawa

A tall, slender receptionist who works in a round house and has a desire to be blamed. Immediate interview, immediate employment AV debut.


[MIFD464 / MIFD-464 / MIFD 464]