Gカップ/乳首ピンク/白肌クビレ 平日はOLしてます。大胆AV DEBUT 大手企業で働き何気ない日常に刺激が欲しくて…社内で噂になっている美爆乳を解放―

“I work as an office lady on weekdays.” A receptionist at a major company in Yokohama looks amazing when she takes off her clothes! G cup big breasts! Light pink nipples! White skin! Slender neck! An ordinary office lady seeks stimulation in her daily life and makes a bold AV debut! She looks so ladylike, but she’s actually very interested in sex…I can’t stand it! She was nervous at first, but when he kissed her, her pale pink nipples instantly became hard and erect! There were clear stains on her pants, and when I fingered her G-sport, she squirted for the first time in her life without even realizing it! Since she’s an inside girl, I pounded her insides with my big dick, and she trembled and convulsed over and over again while shaking her G cup breasts! Although she is shy, she is active in playing, and the beautiful curvy office lady who can even do titty fucks is honestly a real dick.

Satomi Ishibashi

Mametaro Mamezawa

G cup/pink nipples/pale skin and curvaceous I work as an office lady on weekdays. Bold AV DEBUT I work at a major company and want some stimulation in my casual daily life… I release the beautiful big breasts that are rumored within the company.


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