女子アナになりたかったけど…エッチが好きだから夢を転向!爽やか可愛い顔して結構スケベなすらっとスレンダーボディ女子AV DEBUT

I was aiming to be a female announcer, but I also like sex so I changed my dream! A slender girl with a refreshingly cute face and a pretty naughty face makes a determined AV debut! She’s not very good at food reports, weather forecasts, tongue twisters, broadcasts, etc., but her blowjob skills are definitely top notch! Her technique, honed through her hobby of researching blowjobs, combined with her natural saliva flow, makes her sizzle and feel super good! When I firmly grabbed her 55 cm beautiful waist and fucked her with the actor’s big dick, she trembled and climaxed over and over again…! It’s so light that you can easily grab it as an ekiben gun! Even though you look neat and tidy, if you have such a strong sexual desire that you masturbate next to your boyfriend, you’re probably better suited to be an AV actress than a female announcer!

Shiho Muto


I wanted to be a female announcer, but I changed my dream because I like sex! A slender body girl with a refreshing cute face and a pretty naughty AV DEBUT


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