新人 昼は女子大生、夜は新宿No.1ラウンジ嬢。 愛嬌とGcup抜群スタイルで男をオトすギャップ女神AV DEBUT!

College girl by day, lounge lady by night. She is a flashy and beautiful girl who attracts attention even in the city. She is a former ballet player, but her hobby is…cooking! ? Full of smiles, charm, and femininity! Sensitivity is more than perfect! ? A treasure chest full of gaps! Moka Haruhi (Haruhi Moka) makes her AV debut! She was extremely indecisive and was thinking about her name until the last moment of filming (I couldn’t even decide on her lunch by myself lol), but she decided on the AV right away! Because…there is something erotic about it! Gcup breasts and a beautiful waist with a tight curve! Perfect and healthy hips too! The anus is so erotic that it makes you twitch when you feel it! It seems like she has quite a bit of naughty experience, but AV sex might be a little different! ? A big dick, a toy, and a professional threesome will make you cum until you’re exhausted! Moreover, I had never heard of such a squirting constitution! ? I want you to see how messy the sex is! You’re so erotic, you’re going to become the new sun of the AV world… Duck! The beef tendon stew that I had cooked during the PS movie was extremely popular on set. It was true that I was good at cooking.

Haruyo Mocha


Newcomer: College student during the day, Shinjuku’s No. 1 lounge lady at night. Gap goddess AV DEBUT who seduces men with her charm and outstanding Gcup style!


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