オーストラリア出身ノリで応募してきた性欲激アツGcup褐色ハーフギャル AV男優のSEXテクを味わってみたくてAVデビュー!

Participating immediately after returning from Australia! Good firmness! So charming! A sensitive half-big breasted gal debuts! The reason for appearing is because it’s fun! She has traveled all over her country and returned to Japan in search of the BEST cock! Healthy brown breasts and a curved neck! Puri butt! Super dangerous proportions like a model! Sex is of course age-age! Even the actors are in agony with their overseas-trained hips! It’s so cute that she makes a cute sound when she gets hit with her favorite big dick! YOU is going to Japan for fun!

Hanasaki Rara


A G-cup brown half-girl with an intense sexual desire who applied because she was from Australia. She wanted to experience the sex techniques of an AV actor, so she made her AV debut!


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