新人 信州育ちの美白Gカップ巨乳わがままBODY skier AV初体験

Girls from snowy countries are said to be erotic. It’s so cold that her survival instincts are kicking in and her brain is sending a signal to her body saying, “I want to cum!” Hello, I’m Shiareski. This time, I received a letter from a Shinshu girl who was a passionate AV applicant, and even though I don’t really like the cold, I really wanted to meet that girl, so I went all the way there. When I first met Yukinko, I had the impression that she seemed quiet, but when I got to talk to her, she told me that she was into skiing, so even though I have no sense of sports, I decided to join her. She turned into a thick snowman and her body was shaking. It was freezing, but only the gold balls were warm. When we arrived at the hotel and immediately interviewed him, he showed off his snow-white skin under his thick snowwear. I love both skiing and sex, so I checked my sensitivity as soon as we started talking. The 3 sizes are B90/W59/H88 G cup…She seems to have a nice golden ratio body and is swallowing raw saliva. As I slowly touch her while suppressing my excitement, she seems to be getting more and more erotic…and the story is starting to resemble an erotic novel, so I’ll end it here. However, please take a look at the debut work of Yukinko skier’s shy pants stain, pure white breasts and pink dick, her first blowjob with a big dick, Yukinko’s anal, and her first AV experience with Ren-chan’s hot and melting erotic body.

Ren Satomiya


Newcomer Shinshu-raised whitening G cup big breasts selfish BODY skier AV first experience


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