ちっちゃなカラダのオドオドしちゃう臆病な私は おじさん達のオモチャになりたくてここへ来ました。 ミニマム148cm小さな一歩でAVデビュー

Minimum 148cm x AV debut! “I came here because I wanted to be a toy for the old men…” A 19-year-old shy girl who gets nervous. Her first experience was with her homeroom teacher, who was kind to her when she was a J-type girl, and taught her to have sex with her, and she became addicted to pleasure. And in order to fulfill the desire of her teacher, she applied for an AV. It is an NTR desire that “I want to have sex with a man I don’t know and watch him cum.” And even though she doesn’t know about other people’s dicks, she is excited to appear out of curiosity. A big penis is thrown into a small crack, sex with a surprising height difference, squirting for the first time in life, a giant 3P intense piston, etc. You will be blown away by unprecedented sex! Furthermore, I remember the starting point of lewdness with uniform sex and cum! This is Loli’s AV debut that will be loved by old men!

water leaves


I’m a timid person with a small body, so I came here because I wanted to be a toy for the old men. Minimum 148cm AV debut with a small step


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