新人 半年先まで予約の取れない草〇温泉旅館で働くめちゃ可愛い仲居さんAVデビュー!

A super cute waitress who works at a hot spring that can’t be booked even six months in advance makes her AV debut! Despite her cute face, she was devoted to judo during her school days! She’s such an athletic girl that even the biggest staff members were thrown at her one after another, and she even came second in the tournament! When she takes off her clothes for the first time, she is so embarrassed that she is nervous and fidgety…The naive expression on her face makes you look forward to the sex that is about to begin! When she takes off her kimono, her beautiful white skin and breasts are exposed, revealing her sensitive body. When you insert it, it’s a serious sex that makes you climax every time your uterus is penetrated, which is different from the smooth and gentle atmosphere. Hospitality spirit at inns and sex! She firmly accepts continuous facial cumshots and smiles as she cums hard on the overflowing pussy juice and the male actor’s cock in the first threesome of her life. I’m looking forward to seeing Rina Amai’s future growth as she has learned yet another thing about sex!

Rina Amai

Mametaro Mamezawa

A newcomer, a super cute waitress who works at a hot spring inn that doesn’t take reservations up to six months in advance, makes her AV debut!


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