新人「大学では背が高くてモテないけどHがしたい!」 170cm8頭身極細スリムボディむっつりインテリ女子大生AVデビュー

Height: 170cm. She is 21 years old. She is a current female college student. She has experience with 4 people. Perhaps because she is tall, she has never been popular, and because she attends a women’s college, she has never met anyone. She will already have a job and become a member of society next year… I don’t like it this way! I want stimulation, I want more sex! Haru Ando, ​​her AV debut! Haru-chan loves erotic fantasies, and she also loves eroticism itself. Now that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she comforts herself with shower masturbation. A sullen woman wants to feel more comfortable with her nipples, which were developed after being played with by her ex-boyfriend for two hours straight. Her special skills are badminton and drawing. A girl who is both literary and martial arts! A slim body with 8 heads and dazzling long legs! Sensitive body perfect for erotic desires! Her nipples are played with and she gets twitchy. My pussy loves both the clitoris and the inside! The sight of her floating her body and twisting her body is a talent…maybe! She accepts the first facial cum shot in her life with a smile and explodes in lewdness with the threesome sex she has always admired!

Haru Ando

trendy yamaguchi

Newcomer: “I’m not popular in college because I’m tall, but I want to have sex!” 170cm 8cm tall, slim body, intelligent college girl makes her AV debut


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